Your Illness Does Not Determine Your Identity.

It doesn’t matter where we are at in life, whether acute or chronic illness, needing to lose weight, or just not feeling your best, you can always improve your  quality of life. Working with a Health Coach can help you feel alive and energetic again.

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Meet the Coach

Dr. Jay Rothstein

Along with being a Board Certified and Master Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Dr. Jay has been a practicing Chiropractor for 28 years.  He is passionate about helping others who suffer from an acute or chronic illness to feel more vibrant and energetic in their life. 

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Benefits of Coaching

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What are your immediate needs?

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Want to find out if coaching is right for you. Book a complimentary consultation and experience the coaching process first-hand. We get a chance to connect with each other and it gives you a glimpse into how coaching can help you achieve your goals.