New Life Resolution

A Resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. Millions of people each year set resolutions but how many really succeed in what goals they set?

  • 38.5% of US adults set New Year’s resolutions every year.
  • 59% of young adults (18-34) have New Year’s resolutions, which makes it the largest demographic that sets these goals.
  • 48% want to exercise more, making it the most popular New Year’s resolution. The top 3 are all health-related.
  • 23% quit in the first week, and only 36% make it past the first month.
  • 9% successfully keep their New Year’s resolutions.

Instead of setting a resolution and waiting for the end of the year to start, decide what your desired health is a create a plan then put your plan into action.

Set up an accountability program to ensure you stick with your plan and make it a part of your daily routine. Think long term when working your plan, staying dedicated to the health change you want. Also a good idea is an accountability buddy to work along with you. If you find yourself drifting, a Board Certified Health Coach can help you stay the course.

As long as you stay focused on your goal and truly make it your number 1 priority, you’ll be one of the 9% to successfully change your life.